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Strong#:5015 // wbn N@bow
Orig: // probably of foreign derivation
AV=13==>Nebo 13
 Nebo = "prophet"

 n pr m
 1) a Babylonian deity who presided over learning and letters;
    corresponds to Greek Hermes, Latin Mercury, and Egyptian Thoth

 n pr loc
 2) a city in Moab and at one time assigned to Reuben; probably located
    on or near Mount Nebo
 3) a city in Judah (maybe Benjamin) from which the families of some
    exiles, who returned from Babylon with Zerubbabel, originally came
 4) the mountain where Moses died; located east of the Jordan opposite
    Jericho; site uncertain
    NASB:  a city in Moab, also a mountain in Moab

Total: 13
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Dewa Nebo1·

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