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Strong#:3568 // vwk Kuwsh
Orig: // probably of foreign origin
NASB:==>Cush(16), Ethiopia(13).
AV=30==>Ethiopia 19, Cush 8, Ethiopians 3
 Cush = "black"

 n pr m
 1) a Benjamite mentioned only in the title of \\#Ps 7:1\\
 2) the son of Ham and grandson of Noah and the progenitor of the
    southernmost peoples located in Africa
 3) the peoples descended from Cush

 n pr loc
 4) the land occupied by the descendants of Cush located around the
    southern parts of the Nile (Ethiopia)
    NASB:  a son of Ham, also his desc., also a land in the S. Nile Valley

Total: 30
Kush25·········· ·········· ·····
orang Kush1·
Orang Kush1·

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