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Strong#:119 // Mda 'adam
Orig:v // of unknown derivation
NASB:==>dyed red(6), red(3), ruddy(1).
AV=10==>dyed red 5, red 4 ruddy 1
 1) to be red, red
    1a) (Qal) ruddy (of Nazarites)
    1b) (Pual)
        1b1) to be rubbed red
        1b2) dyed red
        1b3) reddened
    1c) (Hiphil)
        1c1) to cause to show red
        1c2) to glare
        1c3) to emit (show) redness
    1d) (Hithpael)
        1d1) to redden
        1d2) to grow red
        1d3) to look red
    NASB:  to be red

Total: 10
dicelup merah6······
lebih kemerahan1·
merah warnanya1·

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